PCI Compliance.

Over the phone payments.

  • No storage of payment data is stored on our network. Only a few offshore resources are true PCI compliant call centers.
  • ApnaMakla provides a PCI-DSS-certified environment where the network, technology, and facilities have passed stringent third-party audits.
  • Additionally, ApnaMakla certified. ApnaMakla cloud-based technologies ensure no credit data is on the site. ApnaMakla PCI compliant call center can integrate with many payment systems and gateways.
  • High-level network security with encryption and firewalls that meet higher standards.
  • The physical security that prohibits paper, pens/pencils, cell phones, portable storage devices, or anything that agents could use to capture credit card data, biometric security access to prohibit unauthorized personnel in the PCI center.
  • All employees undergo deep background and security checks. Modern technology and processes prevent recording (voice and data) of credit card information.

Credit Card Transactions

As a PCI Compliant Call Center providing 24/7 service, e-retailers, travel companies can confidently outsource sales desks, reservations, and customer service.

ApnaMakla PCI Compliant Call Center can accept and process payments by phone or web, providing retailers with increased sales from customers in all channels. ApnaMakla provides:

  • Highest Level Data Security.
  • Customer privacy and credit card data security are protected by safe network and facility security.

ApnaMakla is a PCI compliant call center including PCI compliance for over the phone payments providing the ability for consumers to enter credit card data with or without agent assistance.

Highest Level Data Security

Sales Desk

Cart Recovery

Often, consumers were genuinely interested in purchasing, but became distracted, couldn’t find their credit card, or were frustrated by the check-out process.

ApnaMakla PCI services re-engage with the consumer, in their channel of choice, seeking to complete the sale, and recover the lost revenue. The cost of recovering sales from abandoned carts is usually far less than the cost of acquiring a brand new client.

Deserting of the cart also happens because the organization knows what the consumer is searching for and may offer customized deals.

Cart abandonment is a constant and frustrating reality for e-retailers. With Omni-Channel capability, ApnaMakla PCI-compliant contact center can reach out to consumers who have abandoned carts in multi-channels to overcome objections, assist in finalizing sales, and provide promotional messages to incent immediate sales.

Integration into Client Payment Systems

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