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ApnaMakla ethic to deliver proficiently is indisputable in today’s market. We understand and follow selectively modified and doctored training agendas that enable our associates to work with a customer-oriented mindset.

Our associates work in a true omni-channel contact center with the most robust toolset in the industry.  These tools increase customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

We make these processes very comprehensible for businesses. The salient difference between omni-channel solutions and multi-channel is integration vs. isolation. Many contact centers use outdated technology that forces them to set up teams for each channel such as a “Voice Team” and a “Chat Team.”

Omni channel Inbound Services:

Apnamakla Omni channel inbound services improve agent utilization by providing a platform that works in all channels simultaneously. The result is greater efficiency and a satisfactory omni-channel client experience.

Omni channel BPO Services:

Omni channel BPO services put the customer at the center of the action.  By focusing on the customer instead of the channel, the customer feels as if they are being heard and experience a seamless, unified conversation. An agent can send a SMS text with a map to the store, and at the same time, they can communicate on a voice call or web chat with the customer.

Omni channel Outbound Services:

Omni channel outbound services allow businesses to keep all of their agents and channels in one place while unifying their information and message delivery. A true omni-channel contact center permits the purchaser to access records without difficulty from any media because channels are linked to every process.

ApnaMakla begins with the customer in mind. Wherever the customer goes, they can engage in a meaningful and satisfying conversation with our clients because of these omni channel inbound services.

Voice Inbound / Outbound

1. Inbound Support

Customers ring a single number to order merchandise, make a payment, sign up, buy or obtain product information. The omni-channel platform delivers the script and product information to the agent based on the inbound number dialed.

2. Outbound Lead-Gen & Prospecting

A quality assurance process monitors calls and all calls are recorded to provide guaranteed quality and improved agent training.  Omni channel Outbound services activity increases the reach and quality of prospect engagement and moves customers through the sales funnel.


Live Web Chat

Autobot Takeover




CRM Integration

Social Media

E-Retail Support

  • Customers are increasingly demanding that retailers provide the level and type of customer support they prefer. This requires substantial investment in technology, people, and training to exceed customer expectations for each customer shopping experience.
  • Increasingly, consumers do much of their research online and anonymously until late in the buying cycle. It is at this critical point, that companies must deliver extraordinary customer support providing the right information and processes to move them through the sales funnel.
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