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Travel Reservation

Entire countries routinely change their travel requirements and restrictions. Moreover, the travel companies themselves are facing tremendous staffing challenges.

ApnaMakla can provide fully trained personnel equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  These omni-channel services can be provided at a fraction of the cost of an inbound contact center in the US.

ApnaMakla clients typically save 40-70% compared to the cost of an in-house inbound contact center in the US.

The opportunity to improve customer service, expand hours, and deliver superior technology provide:

  • Reservations
  • Changes / cancellations
  • Concierge service
  • Reserving transportation (like taxis, limousines, airplanes, boats, and so on.),
  • 24/7 customer service.

Hospitality companies cannot control when a customer wants to make a reservation or a change. Research shows that if a customer calls to book travel and gets no answer, most call someone else.

In these situations, the travel company has paid for the marketing and advertising to make the phone ring, but the opportunity is lost. Tapping ApnaMakla to cost effectively capture these revenue opportunities is a smart business decision.

We can provide exceptional inbound call center services booking travel reservations by phone, live web chat, or even SMS/Text communications. In addition, ApnaMakla proprietary call analytics provides clients with deep insight into which advertising campaigns and channels are producing reservations and revenue.

Providing responsive quality customer service is ApnaMakla top priority. Change the way you handle valuable inbound traffic. Outsourcing inbound call center services has never made more sense.

Inside Sales

An excellent sales desk begins with training. ApnaMakla has trained its agents to deliver the correct information on every call and how to professionally guide the consumer to a successful sale. It results in a higher call to sales performance. Customer satisfaction increases by providing consumers with the right choices, product descriptions, and a smooth purchasing process. ApnaMakla technology provides efficient payment processing with PCI compliance over the phone and seamlessly integrates into client payment systems and CRMs. We offer after-hours services to supplement client in-house sales desks or provide 24/7 services. 

We are taking telemarketing to the next level with our inside sales. We have trained our agents for strategically targeting the B2B and B2C clients in every incoming call, text or chat.

Food Delivery

ApnaMakla can handle voice calls, SMS text, and live web chat conversations, turning these contacts into revenue. The cost of inbound call center outsourcing saves 40-70% and ensures that your customers remain your customers. Increase your revenue. Expands your consumer base. Improve customer satisfaction.

We offer the best customer experience for your food delivery business. Improve your customer experience with our high-quality order-taking services by using our agents trained in offering what you do best; providing high quality meals for your customers.

Food delivery is here to stay. Do it right with ApnaMakla inbound call center services.

Problem Resolution

So often, the frustrated customer contacts a company at peak hours or when no one is available to take the time to handle the call properly. Inbound call center outsourcing provides companies with the capability to tap into a team of trained agents that are always available to take the time and work through the issue.

These solutions require the following:

Creating capacity by staffing agents available to take the call. Dedicated teams or agents available per call options are available.

Handling problem resolution calls demand extensive training

Resolution solutions need to be thought out in advance, including eligibility for returns, refunds, discounts, and order changes.

Scripts that offer customers empathy, understanding, and heartfelt appreciation for their situation

Analytics that track critical data including first call resolution, cost of resolution, customer satisfaction scores, and escalation matrices.

It’s vital to clear up customer service troubles because you need your clients to remain loyal. Inbound call center outsourcing to ApnaMakla allows the business to identify issues and provide corrective measures.

Highly trained problem resolution specialists can turn problems into opportunities to prove the brand’s value. By active listening and immediate access to previous call information, agents are equipped and empowered to resolve issues with fair solutions to the company and the client.

It is not uncommon for a customer whose problem is handled correctly to become a loyal lifetime customer.

Excellent problem resolution requires excellent communication, and excellent communication is what ApnaMakla is all about. We have equipped our agents through rigorous training for exceptional communication and skills required for effective problem resolution.

Appointments / Reservations

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